About Us

“ROLLIFLEX” PVC insulated wires and cables are manufactured by M/s. Rolliflex Industries located at Dabhel in Daman. An ISO 9001:2000 SSI unit, Rolliflex Industries started its operations in 1979 as a small unit, and now it has modern manufacturing techniques and a skilled and highly qualified team. Our assortment includes Instrumentation Cable, PVC Wiring Channel, PVC Normal Wiring Sleeving, Ferruling Printing Sleeving, Panel Wires, Flexible Multicore for OEM, Screened Cables, House Wires, Uninyvin Cable, FRLS / FR / ZHFR PVC Insulated Single Core Wires, EPR / Silicon / Neoprene / Synthetic Rubber Insulated Wires, Lead Free (ROHS) PVC Insulated Wires & Cables, PVC Suction & Braided Hoses, Sleeving & Tubing, PVC Wiring Trunking, etc.

It serves electrical industries and meets their stringent requirements and specification in a time and cost efficient manner. Apart from this, we also design and manufacture any type of cables as per the clients' specifications and diverse applications or usages. We are a 100% Export Oriented unit and are supplying our wide range of PVC insulated wires and cables to all of the major markets of the world.

We have always followed transparent policies and business ethics to strengthen our position in the electrical wire industry. Our clients are always assured that we would always perform in the best manner to deliver them the best quality product. Besides, our company takes great care of its customers through prompt and efficient customer support services. We believe in quality products, 'JUST IN TIME' supply, good corporate governance, with strict discipline. We welcome your suggestions for better tomorrow and let us make India, best hub for electrical industries.

Product Offering

Rolliflex Industries is a SSI Unit, manufacturing electric wires & cables. Our wide range of products include:

  • PVC Wiring Channel (Rigid PVC) (in three version R-1,R-2,R-3)
  • PVC Normal Wiring Sleeving (70’c-85’c-105’c-ROHS)
  • Ferruling Printing Sleeving
  • Panel Wires (as Per IS 694 ­ 1977)
  • Flexible Multicore for OEM
  • Screened Cables as per clients' specifications
  • Instrumentation Cables as per BS 5308
  • House Wires as per BS 6004 / IS:694(90)
  • Uninyvin Cable For Immersion Pannel BS 4-177
  • FRLS / FR / ZHFR PVC Insulated Single Core Wires
  • EPR / Silicon / Neoprene / Systhetic Rubber Insulated Wires
  • Lead Free (ROHS) PVC Insulated Wires & Cables
  • PVC Suction & Braided Hoses
  • PVC Sleeving & Tubing
  • PVC Wiring Trunking, etc.

Quality Policy



Our manufacturing process is extrusion process of thermoplastic material on conductor by way of insulation. The conductor is formed in our unit by bunching machines and PVC insulation is done by extruder. In multi-core required nos.of core insulated & stranded together to make a rope then PVC sheath is done on it. The length is to cut as per requirement of our customer, which is packed in coil form or wooden drum, which the case may be.

On Raw-material: We purchase copper wire from local manufacturer or get it from MMTC. If we get it from MMTC, we send it to drawing unit on labour job for required sizes, anealed copper in form of coil or spool is received in our unit. The pre manufacturing tests are done on copper are anealing test, resistance test, and physical test for dimension. These are necessary tests which are required to be carried out before we issue same conductor to shop floor. Whereas to PVC compound we take some sample to satisfy about color, shore-handness, and other chemical effect. These are our pre-manufacturing quality control.

When we found everything up to their standard, copper wire issue to bunching machine in case of flexible copper or to stranding machine of SM conductor. After the conductor is bunched or stranded, we again check diameter, resistance and

Anealing test. the visual checking is also done to find out and damages to conductor. If all above tests are found okay, only, then we proceed that copper to extrusion process.

After the formation of conductor as per requirement is found perfect, the extrusion process is done by may of insulation of PVC compound. At extrusion process we apply spark tester in line with the extruder by machine, we apply required ac volts with proper sensitivity as per bis requirement. Our extruder is also well equipped with blind temperature controller to ensure the proper heating load to PVC compound for melting it at proper degree the cooling system by way of water bath is attached with extruder, the minimum insulation thickness and overall diameter of cables is maintained at this stage.

Now, single core cable is manufactured , we cut the same in required length. All tests which are specified in is 694 (90) are done by proper method of IS:10200 and others. There are two types of tests one is type test and the other is routine test. We also test the physical properties of PVC compound and conductor. The type test is done on random basic where as routine test is done on whole lot of cable with every coil.


After all the tests and results are found okay, we stamp ISI mark on our products to ensure the customers for best quality. We have obtained consent of BIS to mark ISI of IS 694(90) on our products. The copy of CM/I is attached herewith on packing label. We give full description of cable with serial nos. & mfd. year, we pack cable in coil form or wooden drum to protect it from damages in transit.


Owing to our qualitative products and processes, we have received a no. of certifications and recognition from many prestigious bodies in India as well as all over the world, such as:

  • Bureau Of Indian Standards IS 694 : 1990
  • TUV NORD DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
  • CE
  • UL
  • CSA International
  • CSA
  • Rolliflex CE
Manufacturing Facilities

Our basic raw-materials are copper, aluminium, PVC compound, steel wire. We avail our raw materials and components from authentic local manufacturers or govt. body. Each raw-material is thoroughly tested and checked before issuing them to shop floor. During process stage we perform stringent quality checks, so that we can get our end product "first time right", as per BIS or the customer's requirement. At finishing stage, we test our products by routine & type tests. The packing and marking of ISI mark is done at last stage to ensure that only the best quality of our products moves out of our premises. We have self sufficient testing lab which is well equipped with modern gadgets and instruments to test & verify our products, as per the standard norms laid down by BIS. The total administration is looked after by Mr. Bhadresh K. Delivala and quality control process by Mr. Sandeep Solanki.

The list of modern machine that we have employed at our premises are:

  • Extruder     65 Mm 1Nos
  • Extruder    45 Mm 1 Nos
  • Bunching Machine 3 Nos
  • Stranding Machine 1 Nos
  • Armouring Machine 1 Nos
  • Coiling Machine 1 Nos
  • Rewinding Machine 1 Nos
  • Mixer High Speed 1 Nos
  • Tapping Machine 1 Nos
  • Spiral Machine 1 Nos
  • Extruder 50 Mm 1 Nos
  • Extruder 50 Mm 1 Nos
Some of the major instruments employed by us for laboratory testing are:

  • Tensile Testers
  • High Voltage Tester AC
  • Higè Voltage Tester DC
  • Kelvin Bridge (for Conductor)
  • Megohm Meter With Water Bath
  • Oven
  • Micro Scale
  • L.C.R Meter
  • Megger
  • Spark Tester
  • Apparatus For Flammablity Test
  • Deeð Fridge For Cold Impact Test
  • Measuring Instrument, therometres, balance, scale
  • FRLS Testing Instruments For HCl, Oxygen Index, Smoke Density, etc.

All of these instruments are properly calibrated and valid up to date (yearly calibration is done by approved institute).

Major Clients

Some of our prestigious clients include:

  • M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Powai Works, Mumbai-400 072.
  • M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Ahmednagar Plant,.
  • M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Coimbatore Switchgears, CMBT.
  • M/s. Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Mahape Electronics: Navi Mumbai.
  • M/s. Crompton Greaves Ltd, Nashik Plant,
  • M/s. Asea Brown Boveri Ltd., Nasik.
  • M/s. Siemens Limited., Kalwa Switchgear Works, Nasik A & D Plant.
  • M/s. Sehneider Electric India Pvt. Ltd
  • M/s. Suzlon Energy Ltd: Daman, C'tore, Pondy
  • M/s. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd: Kandivali & Nasik.
  • M/s. Otis Elevator Co I Ltd.: Mumbai, Bangalore, Vasai.
  • M/s. Epcos India Ltd, Nashik
  • M/s. Himson Textiles. Engg. (I) Ltd.: Surat, Borasara, Silvassa.
  • M/s. M/s. Kabra Extrusion Technik & Group, Daman.
  • M/s. Manugraph Ltd.: Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
  • M/s. Dynaspede Intergrated Systems P Ltd, Hosur.
  • M/s. Enercon, Daman
  • M/s Antia Electricals, Mumbai.
  • M/s. Videocon Narmada Glass Ltd, Bharuch.
  • M/s. Asian Electronics Ltd, Silvassa, Nashik.
  • M/s. Jakson Engineers Ltd., Noida, Daman.
  • M/s. Miracle Electronics P. Ltd, Bangalore.
  • M/s. Sriram Switchgears Group: Ratlam, Akola, Mumbai.
  • M/s. Evergreen Of Co., Mumbai.
  • M/s. Fascel Limited, Ahmedabad.
  • M/s. GTL Ltd., Mahape, Net Working Div.: Mahape, Navi Mumbai.
  • M/s. Hames Industries Group Of Co., Mumbai.
  • M/s Intrelec, Vasai.
  • M/s Zenith Engg Corpn, Vasai
  • M/s Prima-Automations P Ltd, Santej, Ahmedabad.
  • M/s Stelmec India (P) Ltd, Sanand, Gujrat.
  • M/s Gujarat Apollo Engg Co Ltd, Ditasan, Mehsana and many more....



Zero Helogan Fire Retandent Low Smoke Insulated
Zero Helogan Fire Retandent Low Smoke Insulated
PVC Insulated with Twin Extrusion Processs 1100V
PVC Insulated with Twin Extrusion Processs 1100V
Control Cables
Control Cables
Instrumantation Cable
Instrumantation Cable
PVC Wiring Channels
PVC Wiring Channels
Pvc Wiring Channel
Pvc Wiring Channel
PVC Suction & Braided Hoses
PVC Suction & Braided Hoses
Pvc Water Garden Hose Pipe
Pvc Water Garden Hose Pipe
Nylon Braided Hose Pipe
Nylon Braided Hose Pipe
Pvc Reinforce Duct Hose Pipe
Pvc Reinforce Duct Hose Pipe
Double Layer Silicon & Neoprene Hoses
Double Layer Silicon & Neoprene Hoses
Pvc Green ( Medium Duty ) Suction Hose Pipe
Pvc Green ( Medium Duty ) Suction Hose Pipe
Pvc Nylon Braided Welding Hose Pipe
Pvc Nylon Braided Welding Hose Pipe
Pvc ( Heavy Duty ) Grey Suction Hose Pipe
Pvc ( Heavy Duty ) Grey Suction Hose Pipe
PVC Suction & Braided Hoses
PVC Suction & Braided Hoses
Pvc Sleeving & Tubing
Pvc Sleeving & Tubing